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Additive Event

Formnext Forum Austin (FFA) is the event for industrial additive manufacturing in the Americas. The FFA mission is to support the growth and development of American manufacturing through an advancement of the awareness and adoption of additive manufacturing technologies. Simply, for businesses already adopting additive manufacturing to improve and for businesses considering additive to have the information they need to make sound decisions. To facilitate that – Formnext Forum Austin will be hosted in one of the world’s fastest growing, most tech-forward cities – Austin, TX. 

Abstract Futuristic Background

Our Additive Manufacturing DNA

Formnext Forum Austin was born from an innovative partnership between three international manufacturing industry leaders: mesago, producers of Formnext; The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT), producers of the International Manufacturing Technology (IMTS); and, Gardner Business Media (producers of Additive Manufacturing Media and the Additive Manufacturing Conference). As a result, Formnext Forum: Austin benefits from an unmatched combination of event, association, media and industry expertise. 





Formnext Forum Austin is an additive manufacturing event for manufacturers meaning the products, processes, people featured at the event are focused on additive manufacturing technologies for industrial end-use part production.


Hear Additive Manufacturing Media editors and AM industry influencers, Peter Zelinski and Stephanie Hendrickson explain the focus and vision of Formnext Forum: Austin.



Powered by The Cool Parts Show, the Formnext Forum Austin Production track will include technical presentations detailing industrial additive manufacturing applications for real-life, end-use production parts. 
*Available to only All Access Pass holders
The Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) track, procured and powered by CIMP-3D of Penn State University will provide practical insights on issues like material, topology, structure and temperature related to DFAM.
*Available to only All Access Pass holders
Where is AM equipment and AM application technology? Additive Manufacturing Media will power a program looking uniquely at the tools and technologies industrial AM professionals are using today and tomorrow. 
*Available to all attendees
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